Saturday, May 14, 2011

Villa Fabbroni. Tell them Vaughan sent you.

Farewell dinner. We are spread to all corners of the globe, but still connected.

Barry and Vaughan. Celebrating five years of marital bliss.

With Uwe and Stephan, who took nearly as many pictures as I.

Posing with Patrick, Andrew and Michael.

Leonardo and Ann Marie. BFF

Barry, Lucy and Michael share some of the mirth.

Lee, staying out of the sun. Just like me!

Leonardo and Michael; a couple of great guys.

Lucy with our friend Karen who is taking painting lessons in Florence. Way to go Karen!

Photo by Ann Marie Baranowski

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fellow Guests and Hosts at the Villa Fabbroni

Feasting on pizza in the Tuscan Hills.

This is Vaughan. To celebrate his fiftieth birthday he brought many of his family and friends together at the Villa Fabbroni.

This is Barry. A close personal friend of Vaughan's.

This is Peter, Vaughan's father.

This is Ravi. Possibly one of the most centered people in the universe.

Chris and Patrick

Andrew and Michael